Message of Chairman Software Engineering Department:

Software engineering is a fascinating field, and one that is now indispensable in our lives. It provides the most demanding skills one can learn to excel in his profession. Software Engineering Department give highest priority to provide students an outstanding teaching and research environment. The objective is to empower students with the latest technical skills with the highest level of self-confidence so that they can compete at any level. To achieve these objectives, we provide them the highly motivated faculty with state of the art equipment and laboratories. The department give emphasis to improve teaching level and provide students the best hands on development skills. The objective is just not to improve their technical skills but to groom them as a thorough professional so that they are ready to cope the industry pressure. Development of Research and incubation center’s a step forward towards achieving these goals.

About Software Engineering Department:

Software Engineering Department UET Taxila is a community of learners, dedicated software engineering faculty, and information technology professionals. Our mission is to provide high quality education in the area of software engineering to a diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students. This mission is achieved by integrating scholarship and industrial experience into our innovative curricular. We train our students from diverse perspectives ranging from sound technical knowledge of software engineering domain to effective communication and leadership abilities which helps them to develop the ability to find creative solutions to technical problems that impact our community and society.


UET Taxila Vision

To be a quality conscious institution of international standing imparting knowledge in the field of engineering and emerging technologies in a caring environment for the socioeconomic development of the Country

Software Engineering Program Mission

Delivering state-of-the-art knowledge and skills of Software Engineering to improve society.

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Asad Raza

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